• Vali Boghean Band

Republic of Moldova

Valentin Boghean, or simply Valy, the frontman of the Band, is one of the most talented musicians and singers in Republic of Moldova. Besides his special Vocals, Valy is a also known as the Master of Aerophone Instruments, including Trumpet, Saxophone, Flute, Tilinca, Kaval, Taragot, Duduk, Bagpipes, Clarinet; Classical & Bass Guitar. A veritable Man Orchestra and unique musician.

Valy Boghean was born on 21th of September 1977 in Ungheni, Republic of Moldova. Being the youngest in his 14-children family, Valy learned music from every of his seven brothers professional musicians. "Aghelia" is the name of first band that Valy and his seven brothers created and activated from 1993 to 1995. From 1995 to 1998 Valy joined the band "Panoramic" and then "X-Band"(Jazz-Rock) in 1998. From 2002, Valy became member of Ethno-Jazz band "Trigon"(Moldova), and participated at many international festivals. From 2009, Valy joined "The Shin"(Georgia) in many festivals across Europe.

Valeriu Cascaval - The artist wich plays the "Moonlight Sonata" with two sticks. Valeriu Cascaval was born in 1971 in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova. He attended the grammar school for music "Ciprian Porumbescu"and was cymbalist in the youth orchestras "Speranta" and "Martisor". As a teenager, he won an international competition for youth folk music "Barbu Lautaru". After leaving the grammar school for music, he joined the "Lautarii" folk music orchestra and attended the Chisinau Music Academy "G. Musicescu".
In the period 1999-2003, Valeriu attended the post-university studies at the Faculty of Composition and Theory in Hamburg, Germany.

Gari Tverdohleb - drums, percussion instruments, xylophone
The best drummer in Moldova, Gari Tverdohleb - graduate Academy of Arts of Chisinau as percussionist and jazz drummer. He played in numerous jazz and rock projects, participated at many international jazz festivals. Gari is the master of all percussion instruments, a brilliant and original musician, possessing a flawless rhythm, the ability to outline the most refined nuances and to create a dense and intricate music. He is a sensitive accompanist with a delicate touch, but can build up a storm when it is necessary.

Valentin Schirca - Keyboards Piano
Born in Briceni, R.Moldova, Valentin Schirca attendegraduated in 2003 "Stefan Neaga" College of Music, Piano department, then in 2009 the Academy of Music, Theatre and Arts, "Jazz Music" department.

Sandu Daraban - Guitar

Oleg Lascu - Contrabass(acoustic)

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