By participating you accept the terms and conditions made of the organizers:

• You can enter the festival only if you have the ticket or the bracer that is given to you at the checkpoint;
• You have to keep the ticket and the bracer for the whole duration of the festival;
• Children that don't have 18 yet can participate only accompanied by an adult;
• Children under 12 can participate free of charge;
• Participants must commit to take maximum care of their safety;
• It is strictly forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages, drugs, firearms, white weapons, sprays or other products forbidden by the law of Republic of Moldova;
• Traveling around the perimeter of the event should be done by walking or on bicycle;
• Installing a tent it is limited only to the special designed space for tents;
• It is FORBIDDEN to light a fire outside the camping area, or any other activity that might bring harm to the surrounding environment or the health or other participants;
• Get rid of your trash only in the designated trash bins;
• Any act of hooliganism will be punished according to the legislation of Republic of Moldova;
• Any sampling or commercial activities without an authorization from the organizers is forbidden within the perimeter of the festival it is not allowed;
• Car parking is free of charge;
• The Gustar festival is an open-air event so it is highly recommended to bring some blankets for your own comfort;
• Organizers reserve the right to perform checks to ensure that the rules are respected;
• The organizers have the right to make alterations to the rules and to the program of the festival;
• The organizers hold no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged property of the participants.

Regulations and information about camping zone:
• Access to the camping area will start from 18.00, 18 August until 19 August at 20.00. Access before and after will not be allowed;
• Access to the camping zone and camping is only allowed to those who have a ticket for two days;
• It is forbidden to organize firebons and to prepare food at any type of fire, according to the law number 1538 from 25.02.1998 about natural protected areas by the state. (art. 26, j)

It is forbidden:
• To bring weapons or any other objects that can be considered dangerous;
• To bring glass containers or flammable matter;
• To climb the rocks;
• To bring pets to the festival;

More information:
• We strongly recommend to not leave valueble objects in the tent when you are not in or near it;
• In the camping area will be constantly a technical assistance team that can help you;

No exceptions to these rules are tolerated. Violation of this regulation will lead to immediate evacuation from the territory and banning access to the festival area.

Thank you for understanding!
We are waiting for you at GUSTAR 2017.