About Gustar

Sens Music presents the most important music festival of the year - GUSTAR Music Festival.

The name of the festival “Gustar” has latin roots, which might be translated from the traditional form as the month of August, the month when you can fully enjoy all the ripe fruits in Republic of Moldova. Throughout the years when the festival was organized, it is not only one with the biggest national value but also people not only from our country mark it in their calendars as a “must go”. There you can meet new people, reunite with old friends or who know, you might even find the love of your life. This festival is more than just an event, it’s summers peak, it’s time for kindness and rejoining with the ones that count.

The festival is like an umbrella that gathers different cultures under it with good music, a great portion of intercultural exchange and by that we don’t only mean interaction between the tourists and local people, but also between the invited bands that come to sing and share the culture of their country.

If you have additional questions, suggestions or other important things that you want to know about the festival, you can email us at festival@gustar.md.